Why and how  I reverted to Islam !!! An amazing story from sister Fatima . 

Sister Fatima is sharing her beautiful story about her Journey to our beloved Islam . Please watch this and share it with others . 

When I hear these type of stories I feel so motivated to be a better Muslim and preech Islam more inshallah . 

Also it’s reminder for those who were born Muslim to be proud of their religion and to how fast Islam is growing . 

Islam is the religion of mercy , blessing , loving , sharing and caring . That’s why if you see any violence under the name Islam , just to make sure that , violence has nothing to do with Islam and we as Muslims strongly condemn all those violent actions . 

My non-muslim brothers and sisters ! I as a Muslim wanted to share to Points with you regarding Islam  . Please pay attention and don’t judge us . 1: we ( Muslims ) are just Muslim and non of us is perfect but we try our best to be good Muslim so please remember that  WE ARE JUST MUSLIM NOT ISLAM ” 

2: There is a very interesting saying in Islam . From Imam Ali ( peace be upon him ) that says : We are brothers , either in faith or brothers is Humanity .

So I as a Muslim believe in that , so how come I’d hurt my brothers and sisters in humanity . 

Thank you for your golden time . Please watch the video .

Best wishes : Sayed Abazar Wahedy . 


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