Struggle within

Struggle Within

“إِنَّ النَّبيَّ، صلَّى الله عليه وآله، بَعَثَ سَريّةً فَلَمَّا رجعوا قال: “مَرْحَباً بِقومٍ قَضَوا الجِهادَ آلأَصغَرَ وبَقِيَ عَلَيْهِمُ الجِهادَ الأَكْبَرَ.” فَقِيلَ يا رَسولَ اللهِ، ما الجِهادُ الأكبر؟  قال:”جِهادُ النَّفْس

Verily on seeing the returning armies from the battlefront, the Prophet (s) of God said,”blessed are those who have performed the minor jihad, and have yet to perform the major one.” When asked “what is the major jihad?” The Prophet replied, “the jihad of the self” (struggle against self)

Kafi – Vol 5 pg 12

Man is a marvel possessing two lives within one existence. One is the apparent life, associated with his body, and the other is the ‘inner life’, associated with the hidden, higher world, his soul in short, which belongs to realms of celestial world, and consists of several levels. Each of these levels has a specified host of guardians.

The host related with the divine and intellectual powers attracts him towards the heavenly spheres, and summons him towards acts of virtue and goodness. The other host of guardians is satanic, which attracts a man towards the realms of darkness and shame, and invites him to the acts of evil and destruction.

There is always a state of conflict and strife between these two forces and human existence serves as the battleground for these two forces. When the divine forces of good become successful, man emerges as a victorious and blessed being, attains the high station of angels, and is congregated under the category of the prophets, saints, and the pious.When the satanic forces of darkness dominate, man becomes a rebellious and vicious being, and is associated with the infidels and those who are cursed.

Thus, the struggle of the self is the jihad of greater importance. This jihad is superior to being killed in the way of God, since this condition implies overpowering one’s own powers and faculties, and placing them under God’s command, and cleansing our body of satanic elements and their forces. The following steps are necessary to attain victory in the greater jihad, ‘the struggle within’.

1) Contemplation

2) Will & resolution

3) Stipulation (Musharatah)

4) Guarding Against Evil (Muraqabah)

5) Self-Examination (Muhasabah)

6) Remembrance (Tadhakkur)

~Taken from the book “Forty Hadiths” by Imam Khomeini (R.A.)

Challenge Yourself

During this Muharram lets challenge ourselves to start our journey towards the major jihad, ‘the struggle within’, by trying to do the following on a regular basis:

• Contemplate on our duties toward God.

• Contemplate on the purpose of our creation.

• Contemplate on the purpose of all the bounties God has bestowed on us.

• Form a resolution to avoid committing sins.

• Form a resolution to perform all obligations (Wajibat).

• Constantly recall the resolutions made.

• Perform self-examination constantly.

• Seek protection from God against any temptation.

• Reflect over our actions and perform self-accounting

◦ did we commit more good deeds than bad?

◦ Can weincrease the good and avoid the bad? .

• Seek forgiveness for any wrong doing.

• Form a resolution to prevent ourselves from wrong doing.

• Be thankful to Allah (SWT) for perform the obligatory acts and avoiding sins.

Lets ask Allah (SWT) and the Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) to assist us throughout this struggle.

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Sayed Abazar Wahedi ( Mahdi ) .

The Day of Ashura

Dear Mourners of Imam Hussein,

We all know the significance of the month of Muharram and Day of Ashura. The day when the Prophet’s family was tortured, kept thirsty and then butchered on the plains of Karbala in 61 AH, just fifty years after the Prophet died.

So why is it that 1,400 years after the event, Muslims & even Non-Muslims remember this event with more and more fervor and what is it in the message of Imam Hussein that encourages his followers to carry on spreading his message

Have we ever spent time to investigate the merits of Imam Hussein uprising & his martyrdom? How many of his sayings do we know? Let us all hold onto him and be not divided, and stand up against injustice,

Muharram and Ashura is a time to reflect, take stock and see if we are walking in the footsteps of Imam Hussein. The lectures we attend, the majaalis, create introspection, create love and create brotherhood.

With deepest condolences on the coming of Ashura event.

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Daily Hadith

ـ رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): الغِيبَةُ أسرَعُ في دِينِ الرجُلِ المُسلمِ مِن الآكِلَةِ في جَوفِهِ.

‪The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘Backbiting eats away at a man’s faith faster than a gangrenous sore can eat away to the inside.’[al-Kafi, v.2, p. 357, no. 1]

Hadith of guardianship and


Prophet Mohammad peace be with him and his progeny said:”Whoever likes live like me, and dies like me, and (wishes to) stay with me in heaven which is prepared by God, then he has to love Ali and accept his authority after my death and has to love the lovers of Ali.He has to join my progeny and follow their footsteps (knowledge and wisdom) because only they are my household. They have been created from my clay, and knowledge and wisdom are bestowed to them.Woe upon those of my nation who denies their authority and superiority, and disconnects my relationship to them (to my progeny and accepts others’ superiority instead of Ali and his infallible offsprings) may God not grant them my intercession on the day of judgement”.رسولخدا (ص) فرمودهركهخوشداردكهمانندمنزندگىكندومانندمنبميردودربهشتبرينىكهپروردگارمآمادهكرده،ساكنشود،پسولايت_علىراپسازمنبپذيردودوستدارانشرادوستبداردوبه

زمن،بپيونددوازآنهاپيروىكندزيراكهآنانعترت_من_اند،ازخاكگلمنآفريدهشدهاندوفهموعلممنبهآنانتزريقشدهاستپسواىبركسانىازامتمكهفضيلتآنهاراناديدهبگيرندورحممرابهجاىوصل،قطعكنند. خداوندازشفاعتم،آنانرابهرهمندنسازد». [۱]
🍀[۱]: مستدركحاكمج٣ص٢٨،طبرانىدرجامعكبير،الاصابةابنحجرعسقلانى،كنزالعمالج۶ص١۵۵،مناقبخوارزمىص٣۴،ينابيعالمودهص١۴٩،حليةالاولياءج١ص٨۶،تاريخابنعساكرج٢ص٩۵. 🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔶🔷🔶