An amazing lesson from Shaheed Mutahhari ( English & Farsi )

✅ Difference Between Sincere and Habitual Acts of Worship..

☑️Ayatollah Motahari states:

🔸The basis of Akhlaq is this, that one’s intention should govern over desires and habits. In fact, it should also govern good habits, because if one does not have volition behind good habit then that good is not good anymore.

For example, we have to perform prayers, but not such that it becomes shaped by habit.

From where can we know that our prayers are habitual or not?

We have to see.. do we perform all of God’s commands the way we perform prayers (or not)? If we do then it shows that our performed actions have been performed for God.

However, if we do usury and simultaneously perform prayers with all it’s recommended prescriptions, and we are treacherous with others secrets, belongings and lives while never missing ziyarat Ashura.. then we know these are not deeds of worship, but rather habitual”.

📚”Islam and the Needs of Contemporary Time” vol. 1, pg. 210-211


✅تفاوت عبادت خالصانه با عبادت از روی عادت چیست؟

🔸پایه اخلاق این است که اراده انسان قوی و نیرومند باشد، یعنی اراده انسان بر شهوتش و بر عاداتش حکومت کند. حتی اراده باید بر عادات خوب هم غالب باشد چون کار خوب، اگر کسی به آن عادت پیدا کرد خوب نیست. مثلاً ما باید نماز بخوانیم اما نباید نماز خواندن ما شکل عادت داشته باشد.

از کجا بفهمیم که نماز خواندن ما عادت است یا نه؟ باید ببینیم آیا همه دستورات خدا را مثل نماز خواندن انجام می‌دهیم؟ اگر این طور است، معلوم می‌شود که کار ما به خاطر امر خداست. اما اگر ربا را می‌خوریم، نماز را هم با نافله‌هایش می‌خوانیم، اگر خیانت به امانت مردم می‌کنیم ولی زیارت عاشورایمان هم ترک نمی‌شود، می‌فهمیم که اینها عبادت نیست، روی عادت است.

📚اسلام و نیازهای زمان، ج 1 / ص210 و 211


📍Imam Ali (peace be with him’s) attitude in caring for the people.. ( Muslims & non- Muslims )

📍Imam Ali (peace be with him’s) attitude in caring for the people…

💠One day Imam Ali (peace be with him) observed an old blind man begging to be helped from the people. The Imam was hurt and sad by such a scene, and with astonishment (at how people left him begging) asked ‘what is this! (Why is he not assisted and helped)?’

🔹People said, ‘he is a Christian. He is old, retired, and blind, and is unable to work. And because he isn’t a Muslim, therefore no one took the responsibility to support him’.

💠Imam, glanced at his surrounding and yelled upon them saying: ‘up until he was young and strong and had the ability to produce, you worked with him and he worked with you, and now that he is unable, you have forgotten about him (this is now unfair)’.

💠Then he said, ‘take money from the treasury designated for the the old man’s salary and help him’.

📚Tusi, “Tahzib al-Ahkam”, vol.6, pg. 293

📌 آداب #معاشرت مولا #علی(ع) با مردم…

🌞روزی امیرالمؤمنین علی(ع) در #کوفه به پیرمردی سالمند و نابینا برخورد کرد که دست دراز کرده بود تا مردم به او #کمک کنند.

آن حضرت وجود چنین منظری را ناپسند شمرد و با تعجب پرسید این چیست؟!

مردم گفتند:

این #مسیحی است. یعنی با اینکه پیر و نابینا شده و توان کارگری و تأمین مخارجش را ندارد؛ اما چون #مسلمان نیست، لذا کسی متکفلش نشده و مجبور است تکدّی کند.

علی(ع) #نهیبی به اطرافیان زده و فرمودند:

تا #نیرو داشت و می‌توانست کار کند، جوانی و توانش را به کار گرفتید و حال که #سالمند و از کار افتاده شده، رهایش کرده‌اید و آبرومندانه مخارجش را تأمین نمی‌کنید!!

سپس فرمود:

از #بیت_المال برایش “ماهیانه”💰💰 مقرر کنید.

📚 طوسی، تهذيب الأحکام، ج٦،ص٢٩٣، ح١٨.

Something important about The_holy_month_of_Rajab🌙



🌼Who is being adressed in the call of “این الرجبیون = Where are the people of Rajab”

🌼Imam al-Sadiq (a) talks about the blessedness and greatness of this month:

“On the Day of Resurrection,A call from within the throne of God will cry out:

“where are the people of Rajab?””

🌼Who is this call addresssing?

🌼It is addressing those who respect and do some of the dedicated prayers of the month and strengthen their relationship with God.

🌼It is addressing those who have very fast spiritual growth during this month.

🌼The month of Rajab can give a lot of spiritual strength to the person.

🌼Those who can use these benefits of Rajab, will be ready for a stronger catalyst (a person/span of time/place which can strenghens the spiritual growth of the person) called Sha’aban.

🌼Because in the month of Sha’aban the speed of spiritual journey toward God increases, and that will make the person ready to enter Ramadan.

🌼But those who move slowly in their journey toward God during Rajab and Sha’aban, cannot have a fast spiritual growth when they reach Ramadan.

🌼So, in order to be able to enter the feast of Ramadan, you should start a lot of things during Rajab and Sha ‘aban. Ramadan is a feast for you, not for your vessel. You alone are invited. when we say “you” we mean your super-intellectual aspect, the part of you which seeks God. That is the part of you which is the breath of God. that’s what needs to grow to be able to reach God and become like Him.


🌸🌸 Taking advantage from the holy month of Rajab 🌸🌸

Self-purification during the holy month of Rajab can move the person forward spiritually as much as 19 years of normal months.

Rajab is a very powerful temporal womb which we can use to prepare ourselves for the life in the hereafter. a temporal womb is a period of time which when we enter it, it can speed up our spiritual growth significantly.

God has selected Rajab as a month for people to repent and cleanse themselves from sins, so that they would be ready to enter Ramadan.

God loves his servants so much that he has specified three days of of Rajab (13th, 14th, and 15th) for people to fast and has declared that the reward for it will be equal to 900 years of praying.

900 years of praying is more than 9 times of one’s lifespan. So, if a 60-year-old person has committed sins all his life, he can cleanse himself from all that if he can take advantage of this month well.

God is so kind and eager to reconcile with us that He’s looking for any excuse to forgive our sins.

God has opened his arms to all and has prepared this month as a time to reconcile with Him. So let’s open our hearts to God and make our hearts calm and happy with the remembrance of God.

May God bless Imam Khomeini’s soul. He used to cancel half of his daily schedule during Rajab, to be able to take advantage of this month and pray.

And during Sha’ban, he used to cancel about 75% of his schedule; When Ramadan arrived, he would cancel all his other works except a few things that were absolutely necessary.

How can we be true humans when we dedicate no private time to God?

If a person doesn’t seclude himself from time to time to train his soul, this person will not be able to take big steps (toward God).

So, if someone is capable enough to use this month well to take big spiritual steps, he would resemble a healthy infant who is growing well in his mother’s womb and will have a healthy birth.

If a person pays attention and observes the rules of spiritual growth in the months of Rajab, Sha’ban, and Ramadan (Specially Laylat al-Qadr) he will reap great rewards from them.

With best regards : Sayed Abazar Wahedi ( Mahdi )

Amazing lesson from a Quranic Kid

Look at this little Quranic kid , who has memorized the Whole Quran and participating in the international Quran Competition . The judge asked him to recite from Surah Al Jumoah , verse 5 , when he reaches to Verse number 8 , which is about DEATH , see what happens !!! Amazing . He is only 10 or 11 years old ! How old are you ? !!

The Recitation of Surah Al Kawthar In Maqam ( مقام ) Nahawand .

تلاوت سورة الكوثر ، بعد از مجلس حضرت فاطمه زهرا ( سلام الله عليها ) تقديم به عاشقان و دلدادگان أهل بيت ( عليهم السلام ) . The Recitation of Surah Al Kawthar , after the Event for the lady Fatima ( peace be upon her ) . I gift it to the lovers and followers of the Family of the holy prophet ( PBUH&HF)