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Sayed Abazar Wahedi ( Mahdi ) .


A beautiful awakening message from Jesus ( peace be upon him )

Jesus Christ is quoted to have said: ” s/he who is not born for the second time will not enter the kingdom of heavens”.

By second birth Jesus refers to the beginning of voluntary self-building.

Explanation: the first birth of man is the human natural birth from a mother and a father.

By this birth man embarks upon the path of evolutionary determinism and continues his natural movement via a mass of natural laws.

By this birth and movement man neither enters the realm of values nor he ever acquires the ability to acquaint himself with the transparent layers and noble aspects and principles of humanness and nature.

The entrance of human individuals into the mentioned realm and acquisition of this acquaintance begins when man starts to build himself. This is what we call voluntary birth and by this, Jesus takes form. This is the very inception of the season of entering the kingdom of heavens and beholding divine beauty and majesty.

Since then, the truth of justice reveals its sacred face to man and avoiding carnal pleasures for the sake of pursuing an intelligible life makes its real taste perceptible … Yes, by entering this stage man becomes qualified to behold the kingdom of the heavens and discover majesties beneath its appearances.

✍🏼Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi J’afari.

📗A Commentary of Nahjulbalagheh, vol. 8.

A beautiful Hadith

ـ عن رسول اللّه‏ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): مالي لا أرى علَيكُم حَلاوَةَ العِبادَةِ ؟! قالوا: وما حَلاوَةُ العِبادَةِ ؟ قالَ: التَّواضُعُ.

‪The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘Why do I not see in you the sweetness of worship?!’ They asked, ‘What is the sweetness of worship?’ He said, ‘Humbleness.’[Tanbih al- Khawatir, v. 1, p. 201]


A beautiful Hadith

ـ رسولُ اللهِِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ) : إذا عَمِلْتَ عَمَلاً فاعْمَلْ للّهِ خالِصاً ؛ لأ نَّهُ لا يَقْبَلُ مِن عِبادِهِ الأعْمالَ إلّا ما كانَ خالِصاً.

‪The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘If you perform an action, do it sincerely for the sake of Allah because He only accepts from His servants those actions that have been performed sincerely.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 77, p. 103, no. 1]


Happy birthday O’ prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon you and your family )


Coming into this world of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA)💖 according to narration of history…

🎥 محمد رسول الله(ص) 💖


🎊The Birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)✨✨

💟The great #Prophet of Islam (PBUH&HP) was born in the area of #Hijaz in #Mecca in the Arabian Peninsula. His birth was during the era of “#Ignorance”.

The era of Ignorance is the time from 200 years before the birth of Prophet (PBUH&HP)to the beginning of his prophethood. #Jaheliah (Ignorance) means to commit an offence or do bad deeds that are the result of ignorance. The nomadic Arabs did not believe in any religion. The Arabs who resided in cities worshipped #idols made of rock, wood and dates. It is even possible that in case of poverty they ground these dates and ate their idols! They used to kill their #daughters; this was a common habit among them. The #war and disgust between different tribes was commonplace. They believed that spirits and superstitions influenced their lives, but the Prophet (PBUH&HP) eradicated idol worshipping and called their vanity and bigotry “Ignorance.

✳️ He confined their indefinite freedom by developing moralities and chastity. He made them a united nation whereas before they were constantly quarrelling.

The tribe that the Prophet(PBUH&HP)came from was named “#Quraish”. This tribe was one of the most influential tribes that governed Muslims centuries after Islam. Hashim, the great grandfather of the Prophet (PBUH&HP), was one of the brilliant faces of the Quraish. His son was Abd al-Mutallib, the grandfather of the Prophet (PBUH&HP). He was the most famous and wisest man among the Arabs. #Ishmael (PBUH) is also a distant ancestor of the Prophet (PBUH&HP). In fact all his grandfathers worshipped #Allah (SWT). #Abdullah, the Prophet’s (PBUH&HP) #father was the youngest son of Abd al-Mutallib. He was famous for being handsome and chaste. He married #Amena, the daughter of Wahab, who was famous for her modesty and chastity. Abdullah had a trip to Shaam for trading. On the return trip from Shaam, Abdullah became sick and passed away in Medina when he was only 25. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) was born on the 17th of Rabi’ al-Awwal 580 A.D, in Mecca.

Source: shia.es


Happy birthday O’ The Mercy upon the worlds O ‘Muhammad , O’ the messenger of Allah

Salam alaikom brothers and sisters . Today is one of the most important day of The Islamic Calendar. 17th of Rabeeol Awwal . The birthday of the holy prophet ( peace be upon him and his family ) . Today is the day that humanity actually reborn . Allah ( SWT ) granted a child who saved humanity from Oppression , Ignorance , Arrogance , Hypocrisy and misguidance .

I’d like to congratulate first of all to the Imam Of our time ( peace be upon him ) , the One who is going to complete the mission of the holy prophet ( peace be upon him ) by the will of Allah ( SWT ) inshallah soon , and second of All to my brothers and sisters in faith and humanity . May Allah bless you all .

Salam alaikom .

Sayed Abazar Wahedi ( Mahdi )



A beautiful Hadith

قالَ رَسُولُ اللهِصلی الله عليه و آله و سلم: مَثَلُ أَهلِ بَيتي في اُمَّتي مَثَلُ سَفينَة نُوحٍ مَن رَكِبَها نَجا وَ مَن رَغِبَ عَنها هَلَكَ.

‪The Holy Prophet [p.b.u.h.] said: “The likeness of my Ahlul-Bayt (progeny) amongst my Ummah (followers) is similar to Noah’s Ark. Those who embarked on it were rescued and those who rejected it perished….” Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 27,p. 113