An amazing video of the house of Imam Ali ( as ) . The love of Imam Ali ( as ) 

With watching this beautiful video you will love ❤️ Imam Ali ( as ) from the bottom of your heart ❤️ . 

Everyone knows that the holy prophet ( PBUH&AHF ) in many occasions have said that is ” Ali with the truth and truth with Ali ” also He has said : ” Ali is with Quran and Quran is with Ali ” or  He said : I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the Gate of it and whoever wants to enter to the City of knowledge, should enter through Ali ” . 

And all Muslims around the world know that Ali ( as ) is the Caliph of Muslims and who could live like a king or like a rich man or like simple person but he never did , he lived like a very poor person . 

I would like to encourage my brothers and sisters to read a very beautiful book about him and it’s written by a Christian man but he was one of the lovers of the commander of the believers Imam Ali ( as ) , and his name is : George George jordaq . 

The name of his book is : Imam Ali , the voice of justice . 

Thank you . 

Sayed Abazar Wahedi ( Mahdi ) . 

06/20/2017 . 

Saturday . 

O’ Allah (swt ) Enlighten our heart ❤️ with the light of Imam Ali ( as ) . 


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