💝🎊Congratulations on the birth anniversary of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (PBUH)✨🌼

💝🎊Congratulations on the birth anniversary of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (PBUH)✨🌼

🌸Imam Hassan was the eldest child of Imam Ali (A) and lady Fatima Zahra (A). When the Holy Prophet (S) received the happy news of the birth of his grandson, he came at once to his beloved daughter’s house. He took the newly born baby in his arms and recited the Adhaan in its right ear and the Iqamah in its left ear. Then, in accordance with the command of Allah, he named the child Hasan.

🌸The Holy Imam (A) spent the first seven years of his life under the care and guidance of his grandfather, the Holy Prophet (S). This early training made the Holy Imam (A) outstanding in his knowledge, piety, tolerance, intelligence and courage.

🌸The Holy Imam (A) and his brother Imam Husain (A) were very dear to the Holy Prophet (S). He used to carry them on his shoulders and once told the people,”Hassan and Hussain are the leaders of the youth of Paradise.”

🌸Lady Fatima once brought her two sons to her father and said, “O Apostle of Allah, these are your two grandsons. Give them something as an inheritance. The Holy Prophet (S) replied, “Hassan shall have my form and my nobility and Hussain shall have my generosity and bravery.”


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