Love in Islam 

Love as a human need, plays a key role in providing physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Those with self-centered outlook on life, deprive themselves of the beauty love brings about in life and it’s power to connect hearts and create harmony. For those who are God conscious, love is the foundation of their activities and any other form of affection or love will be under the shadow of the divine love they feel toward God.
Affection which is a principle in human life, must be first and foremost for God only. Any love that does not find it’s root in Divine Love, is not a true love. This is why in a verse in the Holy Quran it is stated that: Allah has not placed two hearts in a man’s chest.
As the knowledge of a believer toward his Lord increases and his love for God intensifies, he witnesses more of the divine names and light and his heart manifests none but the light of his Lord.
In a prophetic narration it is said that Allah told Jesus (PBUH) if I see a heart that has no attachment or love toward this world, I will fill his heart with my own love.

Eltemase dua. 

Sayed Abazar Wahedi .


California . 


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