5 ways to improve your voice for Qu’ran

Qu’ran recitation is an art of its own. People spend years to master it. We can generally divide Qu’ran recitation into two different categories:

  1. Slow recitation
  2. Fast (relatively) recitation aka Tarteel

Here’s the difference between the two: The slow recitation is typically what Qaris such as Abdul Basit recite (although he also recites Tarteel but he is famous for Tilawah). Tarteel is – compared to the other style – faster. Here’s an example of Tarteel:


And here’s what I mean by “slow recitation”:

This post is about improving Qu’ran recitation for both categories.

1. Connect yourself with the Qu’ran

This may seem obvious but before you begin reciting the Qu’ran, start by connecting yourself with the Qu’ran. This includes making Wudu, purifying soul through abstinence from sinning, and other Ibadat.

2. Don’t eat any food at least 2 hours before recitation

Eating food can slow down your performance. You may struggle with prolonging your breath, clearing your throat, and other issues that will make it difficult to recite.

3. Start with humming

Humming is a great way to start. It preps your throat and helps you set to the right tune. It can be a bit awkward and embarrassing to do this in the stage so before going up the stage hum a bit until you clear out your throat.

4. Don’t drink too much water during recitation

It’s ok to drink water even during recitation but keep it to a limit. It can cause you to slip away from the right tune.

5. Practice, practice practice

No matter how much you prepare your throat you will never have a good recitation until you practice. Start by listening to your favorite Qari and try imitating 100%. Don’t make up your own tones!


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